Together we can end human trafficking and child exploitation.

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A powerful alliance has formed to stop the abhorrent global industry of human trafficking that enslaves people and preys upon children. Who is joining? Legislators, business leaders, rescue organizations, celebrities — and influencers like you. Every voice counts.

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How does A4H make an impact?

Watch this short video to learn how we are bringing support to nonprofits, law enforcement and government agencies in the battle against human exploitation.

What is human trafficking?

Women human trafficking and forced labor.

Most people think of human trafficking as women or children forced into prostitution. That is one aspect of this multi-headed monster, and there are many others. The three most common kinds of human trafficking are:

Sex trafficking: Women and girls make up 80% of the victims trafficked transnationally.

Forced labor: The largest sector of human trafficking. This category includes many men.

Debt bondage: Individuals are forced to labor for free in order to pay a debt.

Trafficked individuals are forced to live in a twilight world of unacknowledged slavery, seen by many, with their plight recognized by few. You have almost certainly seen victims of trafficking yourself without realizing it. The most common types of work include:


Adult entertainment

Domestic servitude

Hair and nail salons

Health and eldercare

Agricultural work


Janitorial services

Hotel services


What can we do about it?

By rallying together and creating a social movement, much more can be done to stop this evil. Imagine what will happen if 100 million Americans and 1 billion people from around the world declare that enough is enough:

We will change legislation.

We will alter corporate behavior.

We will elevate human caring and empathy.

We will work to save and redeem millions of lives.

Why the All 4 Humanity Alliance (A4H) matters.

Human trafficking and child exploitation are growing faster than any other form of organized crime. These unspeakable atrocities are happening in almost every community on the planet. Unchecked, these forces represent the most dehumanizing issue we face as a global society.

Take action now.

How we will make an impact.

The All 4 Humanity Alliance (A4H) aims to build a global social-media audience that will shine a light on human trafficking. By leveraging everyone’s voices, we will address this crisis by calling for and achieving significant change. Follow us on social media and register to get updates.

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Get directly involved by volunteering.

A volunteer commitment could be as small as joining a one-time anti-trafficking fundraising effort or as large as an ongoing support volunteer shift at one of the many rescue and rehabilitation centers.

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Frontline partners.

The people and organizations below have taken a stand against human trafficking, one of the most pernicious kinds of suffering. We salute them and invite you to join their number.