We are unrelenting in our commitment.

The All 4 Humanity Alliance (A4H) is a movement that aims to change the course of history by putting an end to human trafficking and the exploitation of children worldwide.

Just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Our current moment is unique. Let’s seize it.

All for Humanity Alliance (A4H)

It’s time to use the disruptive power of social networks for good.

Modern technology has unleashed revolutionary forces by bringing all people together on worldwide networks. In the current era, an idea can travel around the globe at the speed of thought. We’ve seen the dark side of this. Now it’s time to harness the power of these social forces to enable humanity to speak with a single voice on behalf of enslaved peoples everywhere.

The All 4 Humanity Alliance will challenge legislators in governments around the world to change the laws that enable human trafficking to flourish.

The All 4 Humanity Alliance will demand the most powerful global corporations put an end to business as usual and take a pivotal role in rescuing the 40+ million people living in slavery right now.

The voice of all of us, citizens and customers worldwide, will be unstoppable. And by taking action right now, we can prevent 2+ million innocent people from being added each year to this horrifying living nightmare, including the rampant exploitation of our children.

Immediate and actionable goals will start a wave of change.

The task is large, but what needs to be done is clear:

Know your enemy.

The profits to be gained through human trafficking are almost inconceivable: Traffickers generate an average of $200K per year from each victim. So, it won’t be easy to destroy these modern-day slavers. The more you know, the better armed you are.

The tools to build a better world are ready now.

The key weapons of the criminal networks that engage in seizing and selling human beings are secrecy and fraud. By operating under a veil of concealment, they are able to use legitimate existing networks, platforms, communications hubs, and banking systems to serve their needs. Digital tools that can expose these traffickers and stop their activities exist now, and they can be put to work immediately.

AuthenticID is a purpose-driven company that fights organized crime and stops fraud with its advanced identity verification technology. After years of experience on the digital battlefield, the core team at AuthenticID realized that almost all organized crime operations are also involved in human trafficking, so they formulated a plan to build a global force for good that will make a difference — the All 4 Humanity Alliance.